Aging, like light & color, is an illusion.   One's physicality is but a projection of electrons, neutrons and quarks onto the earth, spinning in and out of existence. The essence of one's true being, however, emanates from the unseen Oneness, an eternal soul, which never ages.  While the physical body, made up of >99% empty space, is forced to submit to the spiraling element of aging, the mind rightly proclaims, "This older body is not the real me.  I am the same as I ever was." 

Every human being looks in the mirror and is surprised by the changing result.  Yet one's true essence is  inseparable from The Unchanging Oneness.

One's goal in aging is to attain true peace without fear.  Aging gracefully employs the ability to find the tools to enter the chamber of the World of Truth--the Next World.  This is the static world of true Peace.  And while it isn't prudent to rush to the world of Peace, a noble goal for healthy aging is to incorporate the static peace of the Next World into this ever-moving transient world of electromagnetic projection.  



Aging is an illusion